Makeup is my hobby. I watch tutorials all the time because I find them therapeutic, I love applying makeup and watching the transformation. It also gives me a confidence boost and calms the level of oil in my skin. (See foundation post for more details.) I do not wear makeup for men, I wear it for myself.

Brows are something that have developed in fashion over the years, yet shape our faces every day. Whether you choose to just pluck them, or go all out and apply concealer above and below the brow to give it a sharp look when filled in, they are one of the defining features of who we are. Just last week I received a text from one of my friends saying, ‘shit. I’ve forgotten to put my brows on. I feel so naked!!’

I have been filling in and shaping my brows for years now. I started off using a humble Max Factor eyebrow pencil, which was great until it looked as though I had two fat caterpillars spread across my face. Personally, I don’t think that pencilling on your eyebrows is the answer. The nib goes blunt quite quickly, and the stuff that comes out of it tends to be a bit heavy and clumsy.

The next product I tried was Benefit’s ‘Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit.’ (£26.50) firstly, it’s mega expensive for such a small amount of product. The angled brushes that come with it are tiny and difficult to hold, which didn’t give me the control I needed when applying the eyebrow wax. I used this product for a good year, but in the end, it was a no from me.

The following Christmas I was bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Dipbrow Pomade’ eyebrow wax (£15). I also received a set of Mac makeup brushes, and the thin, angled eyebrow brush (£16.50) was perfect (still use it to this day).

A word of warning – Anastasia products are limited in the U.K. and are can be quite difficult to get hold of. I would suggest going through a website like Beauty Bay or John Lewis. This wax was, and still is, perfect to use when shaping the brow. It gives you a strong, defining shape, however if you use less product it can give you a softer, more natural shape. At the moment, I love the defined arch, so I tend to use a generous amount of wax.

Top tip: use a tissue to wipe of any excess wax. Sometimes the brush can get claggy with product and can lose its shape.

To fill my brows in, I use Blink Brow Bar’s eyebrow powder (£15). This product is small and essential and believe me when I say that a small amount goes a long way. It saves time and reaches everywhere, without spilling onto the skin underneath your brow. Sometimes I go back over the arch with the Dip brow product, just to make it a bit more defined.

All products I have listed have lasted me for at least a year, so when thinking about the cost, it’s usually worth it. Treat yourself.



Source: Writer’s own makeup products

Left to right: Blink Brow Bar Brow Powder in shade ‘Indian Chocolate’, Mac Eyebrow 266SE Brush, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in medium brown.


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