Mac Vs. Nars Foundation

Over the past year, the ‘heavy’ look has come back into fashion. Blemishes are long gone, and Kat Von Dee has created a foundation that can actually cover up all of her face tattoos for £27 – fair play to the woman.

While I usually spend a generous amount on makeup, I do have one rule that I absolutely stick to when shopping for makeup. If it’s going to be on my skin all day, it needs to be a product that will balance the PH of my skin and keep my oil levels under control. This usually ends up being the more expensive products. Expensive products usually have SPF 15 in them – which is so important.

Mac studio fix fluid foundation was my soul mate for many years. I loved the way it made my skin look and it was so thick that my bronzer spread evenly over my face no problem. The only issue I had with it, was that it became hard to spread the product. Sometimes I would mix it with some moisturiser to loosen it up a bit.

After a few years of being a loyal Mac fan, I felt it was time to turn to something new. After some extensive research, (mainly watching Holly Boon and Bethan McCoy on YouTube) I decided to give Nars All Day Luminous Foundation a go.

This product is very expensive, £35, so I waited until I was going on holiday to purchase it in the duty-free area. This didn’t save me much, but every little helps! Before, I would apply foundation from the back of my hand using a Real Techniques brush (incredible) but with Nars, the foundation is very runny so I squirt a little bit straight onto the head of the brush and build up from there.

Tip: start in the middle of the face and work outwards, as it decreases the chance of ending up with different colour skin tone to your neck…

This product spreads extremely well, and, true to the name, is completely weightless. I feel like my pores are still able to breathe, and I don’t need to wait until I go outside for it to settle into my skin. When applying bronzer, however, the product tends to stick to the foundation so can sometimes cause patches, so make sure you blend ‘til your life’s content.



Source: Writer’s own makeup products

Left to right: Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation in shade NW20, Nars All Day Luminous Weightless foundation in shade ‘Mont Blanc’.


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